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Organize your own events: A new module, 1-click booking and a new claim

3 years ago · 1 MIN READ
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A new module to self-organize investor events (or co-organize with a broker)

Over the past years, we successfully organized over 60 roadshows for listed corporates via our investor engagement platform schedulR. And while our clients like our events, and the way we organize them, some of them also said: 'I do not need you guys all the time for all locations, but I really like your workflows. Can I have use those workflows to manage my own events?'

Starting from this month the answer is 'Yes, you can', as we now offer a separate module to our “IR CRM” (or IRM as we call it) which allows you to organize your own roadshows, including electronic invites, password free booking for investors and our integrated feedback tool. And of course all meetings are automatically logged in your IRM.

The new module can be used to organize investor events completely on your own, but it is also an excellent tool if you prefer to co-organize an event with a broker- typically the broker invites their clients, whilst you invite those investors that currently do not work with that specific broker.

1-click booking for investor days (or conference calls)

Events like investor days require more customization (logo, colours, additional information) than a typical roadshow. Still, clients told us they would like to use the feedback functionality and that participation could be logged in the IRM for their investor days. So we came up with the ‘1-click-booking-link’ that can be integrated in almost all third-party mailing tools and allows investors to directly book their participation with 1-click - and immediately receive an automatic confirmation.

A new claim to better reflect our offering – investor engagement solution provider

Most market participants seem to consider us mere “roadshow organizers”. While not entirely wrong, this label is too narrow compared to what we actually offer. We see that investor engagement, i.e. interacting with suitable investors in an efficient way is becoming increasingly difficult, especially for mid-caps. The solutions we provide for this challenge include IR specific smart workflows, but also actual events if requested. So this is why we call ourselves a solution provider for investor engagement, empowering investor relations.

The following graph presents the different components of our offering. If you need more background see our homepage or reach out for a demo



Kilian Maier

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