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schedulR - why that name and how to pronounce it

1 year ago · 2 MIN READ

We at Interaction Partners are providing IR Software and Services for midcaps. We are doing that mainly via our proprietary investor engagement platform. It has been a deliberate decision to have the platform run under a different name than the company (for a variety of reasons).

The platform is called 'schedulR'. However when we explain, what we are doing we do not dive into schedulR a lot. It is more about which problems we solve, not how. Still, it seems worthwhile to spend a few words on the history of schedulR - as there is some uncertainty about the orgin of the name, what it stands for and how it is pronounced.

When we started in 2016 our initial focus was to develop a streamlined solution to organize broker-independent roadshows. Back then schedulR stood for 'schedule a roadshow'.

Since, then we have materially expanded the offering and shifted to more generally providing smart IR workflows for smaller and medium sized companies. You can still schedule and organize a roadshow (or we or partners can do that for you), but schedulR provides much more IR processes by now.

Also, we realized that clients and and potential clients understand that schedulR stands for 'schedule IR' (with IR standing for 'Investor Relation'). We totally can see why, as the small letter "l" (as in Lima - using the Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet) is identical to capitalzied "I" (as in India , using the Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet again).

In the meantime, that ('schedule IR') would actually a better reflection of our offering. And there is also a nice story about another (much older, bigger, more famous, and more tasty) brand in Switzerand that initially had a similar problem: Toblerone, the iconic triangular chocolate bar. Allegedly, the intial plan was to launch it as 'Tobler one' (The first chocolate of Tobler, the inventor of the chocolate), but somehow it became "Toblerone".

Unfortunately, this only seems to be an urban myth and according to Kraft - the current owner of the brand - Toblerone is a mixture of 'Tobler' (the inventor) and 'Torrone', the Italian word for nougat.

We do not wan to base a rebranding on an urban myth, so we will stick with 'schedulR', pronounced like 'scheduler' (American English)= skeh·joo·lr. In the depth of the internet I even found a linkable sound-soure in case you want to hear it as well (on youtube).

This is not because we are lazy, but rather as we think it is worthwhile to remember where one is coming from, and also more operational issues (Lima and India are just too similar). So you are stuck with schedulR for now. :-)


Kilian Maier

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