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Update - SIX Events Calendar & how to sync it with your corporate calendar

2 years ago · 2 MIN READ
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It has been a while since our last update, not out of laziness but because we have had a lot going on. Also, we prefer to show you tangible results rather than lofty announcements. Today we cover the following topics: why we think the SIX events calendar is a great idea, how schedulR clients can enjoy additional benefits from this and how our recently added ‘calendar widget’ will enhance your digital IR toolkit and further simplify your IR workflows.

SIX calendar I – We think this is a great idea, and proud to be part of it: Recently the ‘Corporate Events Calendar’ of the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX) went live. We believe especially smaller firms benefit from using SIX’s marketing muscle to market their events to investors, and the latter benefit from a quick overview of the activities of companies they are interested to meet and can reach out to them directly. Additionally, the calendar will be useful for corporates to better schedule their events, i.e. find a date that is less crowded.

We consider the SIX calendar to be a great initiative, but then, we might be biased as we have been and are part of the SIX calendar project: Events are entered via schedulR & investor requests are routed via our platform.

SIX calendar II – Basic service level free, but a lot of additional benefits for schedulR clients: Adding events to the SIX calendar and receiving investor requests (with investor profiles) via email is free for all Swiss issuers. schedulR clients however, enjoy a number of additional benefits:

  • Incoming investor requests are not only delivered via email, but they are also logged in the issuer's CRM, including status tracking.
  • They can respond to incoming requests directly with an invite or a confirmation. Of course, all tracked in their CRM.
  • They can also use the investor request links to promote their events on social media e.g., twitter or the corporate calendar on their own homepage. These benefits are all in addition to the regular functionalities of schedulR: IR CRM, possibility to organize events including feedback collection and additional IR specific workflows.

Corporate calendar widget to further simplify & automate workflows & market your events: One concern we heard from schedulR users and other corporates regarding the SIX calendar is that the dates still have to be entered at least twice, even for schedulR users: Once for SIX calendar, once for the corporate calendar on the homepage.

That is why we developed the ‘corporate calendar widget’ so you enter an event in schedulR and you can use it three times: for your IR CRM, for the SIX calendar and your Corporate IR calendar, with or without ‘investor request links’.

If you want to learn more how with only one log-in you can set-up an event for your IR CRM, the SIX calendar and your IR calendar in one go and how that integrates with the other functionalities of our platform (IR CRM, organizing events & other IR workflows) please call +41 44 585 35 20, email me at or request a demo via our homepage (at the bottom of that page).

Regards, Kilian


Kilian Maier

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