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Virtual roadshows: An efficient way to update key investors about COVID in times of severe travel restrictions

3 years ago · 2 MIN READ
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COVID disrupts businesses worldwide. Investors naturally will have many questions about how the situation has impacted your business. Your existing investors will have warranted queries that go beyond the key information you will communicate through your regular reporting. Normally you would update your investors in further detail during physical roadshows. This is not an option right now, at least in the coming weeks or even months. Manually organizing update calls or video conferences with all key investors and influencers is possible but cumbersome. Our virtual roadshow workflow makes this process much more convenient. You can benefit from our battle-tested workflows by either buying our software (access to our platform, organize the event yourself) or by buying a single virtual event, which we then will organize for you via our platform.


Investors will ask for a COVID update: Investors want to know how COVID has affected your business, what measures you have in place and will take to mitigate the impact. They will also be interested in your outlook for the remainder of the year. This applies to all companies, but especially to those with quarterly reporting.

Key content will be communicated via regular channels: Obviously, figures and details on how COVID impacts your firm will be communicated as part of your regular Q1 reporting and the accompanying conference call or webcast.

Existing investors will still require follow-ups: Big institutional investors will have questions that go beyond what can be addressed via the regular channels. Normally these legitimate questions would be dealt with during regular roadshows. This is not an option at the moment.

You can organize these follow-ups manually. It is tedious, but will work: As an issuer, you can of course reach out to your VIP investors one-by-one and schedule a call, or wait for them to ask for such an update. Done manually this is quite a cumbersome process.

Our event workflow can save you time and resources while making sure you get your message across to the right people : Our workflow for a virtual roadshow makes this process much more convenient. You can define a number of slots, even split over a several days, and then invite your VIP investors via our platform schedulR. The investors can directly book a slot on a 'first come, first served' basis and get an automatic confirmation. You can even set up several 'multi-day virtual roadshows' i.e. one with CEO/CFO slots offered to VIP investors, and an 'IR only' event offered to other important investors. Technically the update can be held as traditional phone conference calls, or using video conference tools like Zoom, for which we have built an integration already.

Interested? You can use our workflows (software) or let us organize an event for you: If you want to make use of our battle-tested workflows you have two options. You can either purchase access to our software to organize events like virtual roadshows by yourselfor you can mandate us to organize an event for you, which we will execute via the platform. Lean back and let us do the work, from following up with investors to make sure they have seen the invite, providing support on the technical side to using our integrated survey tool to collect feedback after the meetings.

If that is of interest to you and you want to have a chat about a trial please reach out (, +41 +41 44 585 35 20)


Kilian Maier

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