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MiFID 2 review consultation process initiated - 'unbundling unwind' highly unlikely in our view

The EU has kicked of the consultation process for the review of MiFID 2. With respect to research and corporate access we might look at some minor watering down (if at all), but no 'unbundling unwind''


EU prepares tweak to MIFID rules: What it means for research and corporate access (spoiler: not much)

Why we think a watering down of MiFID 2 will not impact the situation with respect to equity research and corporate access, How our offering fits into this 'new environnment'


Payment models, IR events, sponsored research - How MiFID 2 impacts the industry? (Interview in German)

How MiID 2 is impacting investor relations activities, and how our offering ties into that - Interview with Börsenradio (German)


MIFID 2 & Corporate Access: What happened, what didn’t and why. Will that change?

why the current situation is similar to a US college party


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