Does an investor relations website need a share price chart? We don't think so.

Kilian Maier
Feb 03, 2022

We are constantly thinking of ways to improve our investor engagement platform and our 'Digital Investor Relations' offering. Every once in a while, the inclusion of share price charts on the IR homepage comes up.

Up to this point we have always found much more exciting projects (improving processes, integrations and interfaces) and we are quite sure we will continue to do so going forward.

Still, we need to consider just how widespread share price charts are on IR pages. We are, however, unsure which audience they are supposed to target:

Institutional investors already use their Bloomberg or similar terminals that offer plenty of ways to check and analyze share price charts. So this group of investors doesn't really need the additional chart.

Wealthy retail investors buy shares either through advisors or themselves and need price charts to make the decision to purchase and maintain the position. So far the theory.

In our opinion this is not the case any more. When purchasing shares through an advisor, clients have access to an online banking platform providing information that is just as good. The same is especially true for those retail investors who pick and purchase shares on their own using online brokers.

Retail investors who make direct investments in shares are certainly not negligible - especially since Gamestop this should be clear to everyone. Retail investors can be divided into two groups: The "traditional" ones who use established online brokers and their share price functionalities, and the "new" ones who use reddit (and similar forums) for information and trade using RobinHood, Revolut etc. We'd wager that neither group needs share price charts on the IR homepages to make a decision to invest.

But perhaps we have not yet heard the one decisive argument in favor of share price charts on IR homepages that can convince us of the value they add - we are open to learn!

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