Why you should proactively organize Virtual roadshows for your Prio1 investors after important news (e.g. results)

Kilian Maier
Oct 27, 2023

For most companies brokers still offer to organize post results in-person roadshows for free, and if you are a listed company and you are reasonable happy with the scheduldes provided, you should definitely take them up on this offer. It is a win-win.

Still, there are a number of arguments why it makes sense to directly reach out to your most important investors and sell-side analysts via a virtual roadshow with 'mini slots' directly (i.e. on your own) after important events:

Prio1 investors do not need live meetings: With your key investors you already have a trustful relationship, a short fact based, virtual Q&A session will be sufficient, at least for the vast majority of investors.

Your Prio1 investors like direct outreach: MIFID compliance is not a real risk. Has anyone ever heard about enforcement? I have not. However, even the biggest asset managers will have a business relationship with all relevant brokers. Still, you (the issuer) can arm twist the broker into showing a roadshow to your Prio 1 investors, no matter of broker lists. But this requires coordination, micromanagement and your investors might still be facing a commercial follow-up call from the broker. 

Summing it up: Investors appreciate the direct outreach of 'their companies' (i.e. the companies they are invested in or a closely monitoring)

Priorization should not be an accident: Of course, you can take a reactive approach, and wait until investors reach out to you, which makes priorization accidental. Considering that C-Level time is a scarce resource, priorization however should be driven by your criteria, not be accidental.

Individual scheduling is a pain: With a reactive approach, you need to schedule the calls individually. Firstly, coordination will be more difficult if they reach out individually, and coordination can be a pain if several busy parties are involved. 

With smart workflows the effort for a self-organized virtual roadshow is quite limited: If you prioritized your investors, e.g. for IR reporting and you reuse this data, investors self-book their slots, briefing documents are generated automatically  and the interactions are automatically added to your IR CRM then the effort required is limited. This is the case with our platform.

Our clients and their investors definitely like this approach.

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